behind the scenes at a truly indie film fest created by filmmakers for filmmakers -- the second annual ShortFest is April 2007 in Tucson, Arizona!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Let's head over to MySpace...

Yes, the 2007 ShortFest is April 14 at the University of Arizona's Gallagher Theater -- check out for all the details -- and head over to to add your thoughts at the blog. We'll use that page instead of this one (for now)...

El Super Ocho

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

ShortFest 2007

OK, we're adding more films to our free streaming video channels over at and will have more details on the 2007 ShortFest very soon.

We're working on some partnerships now that will really enhance this next year's fest, we think. Yes, it's months off (April 2007), so it might looks like it's kinda quiet around here -- but good stuff is happening! :)

Monday, July 10, 2006

Online Films Are Go!

Yes, it may have looked like not a lot of activity has been going on around here since the April 15 theatrical ShortFest. But we've been hard at work creating the online film channel for the festival that launches -- today -- back at

Kudos go to festival co-director MIKE ROM for doing the heavy lifting for the streaming site, dealing with encode and conversion issues for films in many formats from all over the globe. Bravo, Mike!

Almost 4 hours of free films from the ShortFest are now available! Also, we'll open soon submissions again for the ongoing online festival and the April 2007 theatrical ShortFest. So head over, dig some cool shorts, and submit yours!

More details on next year's fest, as they happen!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mike's ShortFest feedback

ShortFest co-director Mike Rom has his own take on how filmmakers react to being shown -- or not shown -- in film festivals:

Mike says:
"I'm glad that directors and producers are passionate about their films but they have to know that films are subjective -- films that I like, someone else could hate. That's why films can win at one festival and not even get into another. You can have one audience clap and cheer and another walk out. That's the nature of the film business. One of the producers of Star Wars didn't think it was very good and was flabbergasted that people were standing around the block to get into it!

You should never put your film up on a pedestal -- make the best film possible, one that you want to see and hope you can find an audience that will appreciate your vision. There were things that we loved about each of the films that got into our festival and our online showcase. The audience laughed and reacted in all the right places and seemed to like the selections so be happy that you touched a few people and if you are in the online showcase maybe you'll find a wider audience who will love your creation."

So take our blog comments as helpful hints; trying to help you enjoy fests more and remain positive about the entire experience! We love all the films that were shown at the ShortFest! :)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

the online ShortFest is next!

It has taken a week, but I have finally recovered from last Saturday's ShortFest. What a wonderful ride! Thank you again to all who have offered your kind and sincere words, especially the filmmakers. will be updated with photos and filmmaker comments ASAP, I promise.

Up next is the online ShortFest, with almost every single film from the festival (plus many, many others selected specifically for online screening)! We are delighted to announce that we have now obtained the permission to include online the Best of Festival winner ("El Gran Zambini" from Spain) and the Audience Selection ("The Old Negro Space Program" from California). We'll announce soon the launch of the online library for the ShortFest.

We'll also announce the opportunity for Arizona filmmakers to collaborate on a Super-16mm shoot we have coming up. As we say, we are filmmakers, not filmtalkers. :)

We're ALSO in negotiation with new and additional sponsors and partners to help build the ShortFest. Yes, success does attract attention, lol. Many great surprises are ahead, (he he he), and we will make sure that those of you who have supported us from the beginning will be the first to benefit. :)

More soon, I promise...

Monday, April 17, 2006


OK, I took about 12 hours off on Sunday to recuperate from the incredible high of Saturday's ShortFest. I'm working now on updating the Web site with all the winning films, fest photos and info on the online version of the festival that will go up soon. The ShortFest is just getting started, folks!

The mini-report: The first ShortFest was a huge success by anyone's critical standard. Our humble gratitude to the hundreds of filmmakers and film lovers who came to Tucson from all over the West, and to those who unwavered in their support for the quality of our filmmaker seminar and the film selection itself.

Thank you to all whose vision, loyalty, understanding and passion matched our own. Mike Rom and I have already put many hundreds of hours of work into this fest, and it was so gratifying (and a great relief) to see our efforts embraced by the people whose opinions and input mean the most to us: our fellow filmmakers.

Complete details will be at and on this blog later today!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

April 15, 2006 -- The ShortFest is here!

We've poured our hearts and souls into creating a film festival for filmmakers. Today is the day, when we see if Tucsonans will unwrap the present offered to them.

The outpouring of support from our partners, friends and well-wishers is so greatly appreciated! No one but the filmmakers can understand how much of one's being is put into making a film -- and the same goes for this event.

Thank you to all who have embraced the idea of working together, for the benefit of all. And for the rest of you -- you are always welcome to join us.

-- Timothy Gassen